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Opalite Worry Stone

Opalite Worry Stone

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1x Opalite worry stone.

Approximately 4cm in size.

The stone is the right size to fit in the palm of a hand yet powerful enough support you in stabilising your mood.

Our crystals come washed, cleansed, charged and blessed. They are generally charged under a full moon.

Our items are beautifully packaged and make lovely gifts, we use as much recycled packaging as possible.

This man-made stone’s aesthetic appeal may go without saying, but its manifold benefits and high-energy value are less well known. From facilitating the success of business transactions to healing old traumas and strengthening relationships, opalite’s connection with various chakras make it an unmatched crystal for channelling optimism, insight, and connection with youthful innocence.

Opalite helps to clearly see the world around you and strengthens positive characteristics. It also aids in removing negative traits such as selfishness.

Birthstone - April

Chakra - Third Eye

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Phoebe Allen

Omg it’s so perfect!! It can fit in my purse so I can take it with me anywhere and the colours?! It’s so perfect!! Thank you so much