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Capricorn Crystal Zodiac Set

Capricorn Crystal Zodiac Set

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We are so happy to bring you our Capricorn set of crystals that come together to give you balance for your body, mind and spirit.

Capricorn- Fluorite, Rose Quartz & Howlite.

Fluorite is well known for creating balance, harmony and also offering clarity and joy.

Rose Quartz promotes universal love. It’s good for building trust and harmony. It also helps with relationships and encourages unconditional love. 

Howlite is a relaxing stone which helps to reduce stress in one's daily life. It calms and soothes an overactive mind while allowing one to relax making it helpful for those with difficulty sleeping.

Size of these crystals is approximately 1.5cm to 4cm. 

Each crystal is the right size to fit in the palm of a hand yet powerful enough to absorb overwhelming anxiety and other negative feelings and bring enlightenment along with empowerment to body, mind and spirit.

Our crystals come washed, cleansed, charged and blessed. They are generally charged under a full moon.

Our items are beautifully packaged and make lovely gifts, we use as much recycled packaging as possible.

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Customer Reviews

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Love them!

Lovely little gift from me to me!

This was a great little treat! I truly didn’t know what to expect having never done this before. But this package was beautifully packed and also smelled incredible! When opening it was so exciting to go through all of the little crystals and try to figure out what they were and matching them to the cards that come with! The little hand written list also made it feel a lot more personal too!! All in all everything I got it was beautiful. Treat yourself!!