Crystal Properties

Agate - Concentration, Calming, Grounding
Amazonite - Harmony, Manifestation, Peace
Amethyst - Intuition, Protection, Relaxation
Angelite - Soothing, Communication, Compassion
Apatite - Attunement, Intuition, Wisdom
Black Flower Agate - Divinity, Growth, Joy
Black Obsidian - Grounding, Self-Reflection, Protection
Black Onyx - Self Control, Protection, Balance
Black Rose Quartz - Calming, Love, Trust
Black Tourmaline - Joy, Grounding, Protection
Bloodstone - Strength, Courage, and Resilience
Blue Aventurine - Balance, Confidence, Optimism
Blue Calcite - Balance, Confidence, Joy
Blue Lace Agate - Tranquillity, Transition, Unity
Blue Rose Quartz - Calming, Love, Trust
Bumble Bee Jasper - Self-Esteem, Creativity, Happiness
Calcite - Energy, Change, Protection
Caribbean Calcite - Transformation, Self-Discovery, Growth
Carnelian - Confidence, Courage, Desire
Chrysocolla - Divinity, Psychic, Wisdom
Citrine - Abundance, Clarity, Joy
Clear Quartz - Master Healer, Focus, Manifetation
Crazy Lace Agate - Optimism, Happiness, Protection
Dalmation Jasper - Grounded, Positivity, Psychic Protection
Fire Quartz - Stabilising, Balance, Reconnect
Flower Agate - Divinity, Growth, Joy
Fluorite - Balance, Joy, Confidence
Golden Healer - Master Healer, Guidance, Soothing
Green Agate - Concentration, Calming, Grounding
Green Aventurine - Balance, Confidence, Optimism
Green Moonstone - Divinity, Patience, Intuition
Honey Calcite - Inspiration, Guidance, Courage
Howlite - Wisdom, Resolution, Surrender
Jade - Wellness, Abundance, Wisdom
Jasper - Relaxation, Compassion, Nurturing
Kambaba Jasper - Calming, Focus, Compassion
Kiwi Jasper - Nurturing, Balance, Calming
Kyanite - Transition, Communication, Intuition
Labradorite - Intuition, Psychic, Protection
Lapis Lazuli - Harmony, Self-Awareness, Truth
Leopard Skin Jasper - Protection, Peace, Stability
Lepidolite - Independence, Stability, Confidence
Malachite - Confidence, Transformation, Protection
Mangano Calcite - Peace, Nurturing, Calming
Mookaite - Passion, Truth, and Trust.
Moonstone - Divinity, Patience, Intuition
Moss Agate - Abundance, Creativity, Stability
Ocean Jasper - Joy, Positivity, Resolution
Orange Calcite - Creativity, Positively, Cleansing
Picasso Jasper - Optimism, Grounding, Strength
Pink Amethyst - Soothing, Protection, Intuition
Pink CalcitePeace, Nurturing, Calming
Pink Tourmaline - Joy, Grounding, Protection
Que Sera - Uplifting, Soothing, Transformation
Rainbow Moonstone - Divinity, Patience, Intuition
Red Jasper - Calming, Courage, Grounding
Rhodonite - Balance, Resilience, Reconciliation
Rose Quartz - Calming, Love, Trust
Ruby in Kyanite - Transition, Communication, Intuition
Ruby in Ziosite - Happiness, Appreciation, Abundance
Sardonyx - Courage, Happiness, Communication
Selenite - Clarity, Manifestation, Cleansing
Smoky Quartz - Clearing, Strength, Grounding
Snowflake Obsidian - Transformation, Manifestation, Psychic ability
Sodalite - Clarity, Intuition, Insight
Strawberry Quartz - Confidence, Love, Rebalance
Tigers Eye - Confidence, Inspiration, Discernment
Unakite - Rebalance, Rebirth, Release
Yellow Aventurine - Balance, Confidence, Optimism