The Beginning of Sugary Cove Crystals

The Beginning of Sugary Cove Crystals

I have never written a blog post before so I was unsure where to start but here we go. I guess I should start at the beginning. Sugary Cove Crystals was born out of a desire for two women to make something different, work for themselves, doing something that was fun and creative. Sugary Cove Crystals was born out of an inter-generational bond between two women which began with some Rose Quartz and ultimately led to the creation of our shop Sugary Cove Crystals.

We started in a spare bedroom and as the business grew we found an office space in a community building above a great coffee shop.

The two of us have different skills and ideas but we come together to bring a loving energy which hopefully, if you buy from us you, will sense that our crystals are packed with good intention and love all the way from Devon near Sugary Cove to your home.

As always with any business there is a journey of learning and fluctuations but overall it has been a magical journey where our working lives, the heart of our business in the Sugary Cove Cave is a space of warmth, love and good vibrations.

If you ever join our live sales on Instagram which are held monthly, you will sense our fun attitude and deep connection to each other and a sense of a desire to help others along the way. 

We have found our niche.  We love making crystal confetti and have numerous deluxe confetti scoops on sale but last month we also launched a deluxe crystal confetti subscription, which sends out deluxe crystal confetti every month to many of our loyal and crystal loving customers. We also love making crystal mystery boxes, using our intuition to sense which crystal you need in your life right now. Each month we curate five more subscriptions with a combination of self care items or crystal items sent directly to your door. These make brilliant gifts and are the gift that keeps on giving. 

We have also curated some lovely sets to help people with specific issues, whether it’s sleep, mental health, feminine energy, for confidence, protection, a chakra set, fertility or a set for the each of the zodiac signs, we have it covered. We also create bundles for each season which is a favourite thing for us to do!

One of the team has made some lovely essential oil blends.  These oils will be launched over a period of time until we have all twelve in the shop!

We have worked really hard to create a set of crystal affirmation cards for crystal lovers, giving you a daily affirmation and the crystal you might need for that day.

We hope you like what you see on the website, we will be writing the blog regularly and if you follow us on our socials you will be able to see when we have a live sale, restock or launch a new product.

Thank you for reading and connecting with us. 

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